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Shelf-Stable Alkaline pH of 9.5+

Shelf-Stable Alkaline pH of 9.5+ with a 2-Year Shelf Life, QURE WATER is made with a natural proprietary blend of ionic alkaline minerals bearing a powerful and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+. 

RO Purification & Mineralization Process

9-Stage RO Purification & Mineralization Process
This technology removes and purifies everything from the water to a 05.00 TDS after which it gets ionized with natural alkaline minerals.

Natural Ionic Alkaline Minerals

All natural ingredients make this water taste smooth and silky while helping your body naturally detoxify, reduce, replenish and counteract acidity.

Why Drink Qure Water?

QURE Water is a perfect combination of pristine purified water infused with Mother Nature's BASIC minerals. As a result, QURE has a distinguished smooth silky taste with a powerful and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+. QURE is the non-acidic beverage choice designed to complement a balanced lifestyle.

  • Alkaline Cellullar Hydration
  • Distinguished Smooth Clean Taste
  • BPA-FREE PET 1 Bottles

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Educational Video:

Importance of Body pH Balance


This is a 2 minute video explaining the importance of having a proper pH balance. It will explain why it is important to eat more fruits, veggies and hydrate with alkaline water. This short video uses a fun analogy to get its point across!


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